Midwest Medical Transport Company To Locate In Sheldon

Midwest AmbulanceSheldon, Iowa — A company that began operation nearly 30 years ago in Nebraska will be opening a location in Sheldon early next year.  Midwest Medical Transport Company is a privately-owned facility-to-facility ambulance company that will be expanding into the northwest Iowa area.

Matt Travers is Business Development Director for Midwest Medical Transport Company, and he tells us a little about what the company does.

Travers says Midwest Medical Transport Company has gone from an operation with one ground ambulance in 1987, to a company with not only ground ambulance service, but helicopter ambulances, as well.

He says the company is not a 911 service, but instead provides hospital-to-hospital Advanced and Basic Life Support transportation services.

Travers stressed that, although their ambulances will be based out of Sheldon, they’ll be serving hospitals within an approximately 45 mile radius.

He says they chose Sheldon as a base of operations due to it’s location, and the accessibility of Highways 18 and 60.

Travers says they plan to open their Sheldon facility early next year.


Travers says they’ll initially have two ambulances based in Sheldon to serve the surrounding area.

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