Project Receives $4 Million in Grant/Loan Funds

George, Iowa — The USDA has just announced that Lyon & Sioux Rural Water will be using over $4 million in grant and loan funds from the USDA to help pay for a new facility constructed recently near George.
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Lyon & Sioux Rural Water System, Inc. is using a total of $4,094,000 in USDA Rural Development loan and grant funds to pay for the construction a new water treatment plant at their well field outside of City of George and make other water system improvements for their customers.

Bonnie Koel, Administrative Manager of Lyon & Sioux gives us the background of the project.

She says they also constructed five miles of 8” water mains to connect to existing distribution piping.

She says that previously, the five George area wells had been used with chlorination only for treatment since they were constructed in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Since 2012, she says the levels of the well water have come up again.

The USDA funds consisted of $3,594,000 loan and $500,000 ECWAG (Emergency Community Water Assistance Grant).

The water treatment plant and pipeline was put into use in April, 2015.

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