Proper Disposal Of Yard Debris

fall 2Sheldon, Iowa — Everybody loves the beautiful colors of fall, but not so much when those colorful leaves end up on our lawns.  After we rake them up, we then face the annual dilemma of what to do with them.  In most towns in northwest Iowa, open burning of leaves and other yard debris is forbidden.

City Manager Scott Wynja says Sheldon is one of the towns that has banned the open burning of leaves and branches.

Fear not, however, because Wynja says the City of Sheldon does provide a place for you to dispose of your leaves and grass clippings.

He says that, while tree limbs and branches are not allowed to be dumped at the Hills Park site, the City has another facility to handle those items.

Wynja says that, to remain in accordance with DNR regulations, only leaves and grass can be left at the Hills Park location, and only tree limbs and branches are allowed at the Tree Dump.

Wynja says he wants to remind people to empty their leaves out of the plastic bags they might use to take them to the Hills Park Leaf Dump, and take those bags back home when they leave the site.

Wynja says that, as long as everyone follows the rules, both the Hills Park Leaf Dump and the Tree Disposal Site on North Washington Avenue will remain open to the public.

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