Pump Labels To Promote Ethanol

Des Moines, Iowa and Lincoln, Nebraska — Governors of the nation’s top two ethanol-producing states have jointly announced the launch of a statewide pump-labeling initiative to promote the American Ethanol brand.

one of the new labels
one of the new labels

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad have announced the implementation of new fuel pump labels featuring the American Ethanol brand. The American Ethanol brand will provide nationwide consistency in pump labeling for all ethanol blends including E10, E15, E30 and E85.

The American Ethanol brand was originally introduced in 2011 when NASCAR adopted E15 (15% ethanol) as its fuel of choice. Nebraska and Iowa are among the first states to introduce the brand at retail locations. Both states are offering new pump labels free of charge to retailers across Iowa and Nebraska.

Branstad says that this new brand label will provide a consistent consumer experience at pumps across the state and capitalize on the high profile that American Ethanol has enjoyed through the NASCAR partnership. He says they want to make it even easier for consumers to find this “clean-burning, high-performance fuel wherever they travel.”

Governor Ricketts emphasized that ethanol is “cost-effective, American-made, renewable and better for our environment.”

According to the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest, American Ethanol-blended fuel burns cleaner and improves air quality compared to regular gasoline.

Governor Ricketts says that corn can have it’s starch taken out and used for ethanol, leaving its protein for animal feed. He says, “…the Golden Triangle of corn, livestock and ethanol gives us a unique advantage for economic growth and national leadership in the production of fuel, food, feed and fiber.”

The governors say that the labels will help consumers better understand their choices when they fill up.

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