Quick Thinking Limits Fire Damage To Paving Machine

Calumet, Iowa– Quick thinking limited the damage in an asphalt paving machine fire on Saturday, August 27, 2016 near Calumet.
Calumet FD Fire truck
According to Calumet Fire Chief Mike Jensen, about 8:37 AM, the Calumet Fire Department was called to the report of asphalt paving machine on fire about a mile and a half north of Calumet and about two and a half west on Highway 10, where the road is being paved.

The chief says when the fire department arrived, the construction workers had the fire out. He says the workers had used extinguishers and water from a construction water truck to fight the fire.

He says the cause of the fire appeared to have been electrical or hydraulic in nature but officially no cause had been determined.

Chief Jensen reports that there was only minor damage.

He says fire crews made sure the fire was out and were only on scene for a few minutes.

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