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Remsen-Union Schools Dismissed Monday Due To Bomb Threat

chevy school bus_sxcRemsen, Iowa — There was no school at Remsen Union on Monday — but it wasn’t because of the weather. There were some tense moments, as there appears to have been a bomb threat.

Plymouth County officials report that about 8:15 Monday morning the Remsen Police Department received a call from the Remsen-Union School regarding a possible bomb threat. The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office and the Remsen Police responded to the school and determined that a threat had been received.

A decision was made at 8:40 AM by school and law enforcement authorities to evacuate the school. All students were taken to a safe area elsewhere in Remsen. All students and faculty were safe and accounted for, and school was cancelled for the day.

Bomb dogs were called in for a search.  Having found no threat, the campus and buildings were cleared and were open to staff about 3 PM.

School officials say classes at Remsen-Union will be held on Tuesday, December 3rd, as scheduled.  They say added measures will be in place.

The investigation continues of the person or persons responsible for the threat. Officials report that the words used in the threat make it seem as if it was made by a student.  Charges are expected to be filed.

If you have any questions, you can call the Remsen-Union Superintendent at 786-1101.

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