Returning Gifts Can Be Complicated Process

christmas gift presentNorthwest Iowa — If you got something for Christmas that was the wrong size, the wrong color, or just plain wrong you might want to return it and get something that better suits you.

Kimberly Hazen, with the Better Business Bureau, says consumers might protest but many stores are not required to exchange an item unless it’s defective or was improperly advertised.

Stores must honor their written policies, but those might not always be clear. Some Iowa stores print those policies right on the receipt, which is very helpful, but she says most don’t.

Consumers need to beware, Hazen says, as retailers may charge a fee to put items back on the shelves. “A restocking fee can be as high as 25% of what you paid for the original item,” she says. If you encounter a problem at the store, consult the Better Business Bureau website at b-b-b-dot-org and enter your town in the search window.

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