Rock Rapids And Inwood Outdoor Warning Siren Contractor Gives Examples Of Test And Tornado Siren Sounds

2001srnb sirenRock Rapids, Iowa — The outdoor warning siren system contractor for the cities of Rock Rapids and Inwood has released some information about the sirens in those towns.

Derek Thompson of Midcotech says that Rock Rapids has four outdoor warning sirens. Two different warning signals are sounded by the sirens, with each signal having a different meaning, and we’ll play a bit of each warning signal so you get the idea.

Thompson says the first type of signal is used only for a test. It is a steady siren sound for thirty seconds. This signal will only be sounded for the monthly siren test. It sounds like this:

Again, that goes for 30 seconds, and then winds down.

The second type of signal is the tornado signal. That is a fast Wail-type sound for five minutes. This signal will only be sounded for tornado warnings, tornado emergencies or if a trained severe weather spotter confirms a tornado in the area. It sounds like this:

Again, that signal continues for a full five minutes before winding down.

The 2013 Severe Weather Awareness Week for Iowa will take place March 25th through the 29th. The Iowa State Wide Tornado Drill will be held on Wednesday, March 27th 2013.

On the 27th, starting at 10:00 AM Central Time and if the weather permits, the National Weather Service will issue a “mock” Tornado Watch for the state of Iowa. At 10:10 AM Central Time, the National Weather Service will issue a “mock” Tornado Warning; at this time, the Tornado Signal will be sounded by the sirens throughout the city.

Additionally, the siren signal information we just gave you will also apply to the City of Inwood beginning this storm season. New Federal Signal siren equipment is being installed in Inwood and is expected to be operational this spring.

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