Rock Rapids Trail Extension To Nearly Double Length Of Trail

Rock Rapids, Iowa — The city of Rock Rapids is about to double its recreational trail length.

We talked to Rock Rapids mayor Jason Chase, and he tells us about the trail project.

The trail extension is near and on what is known as “Scout Island” on the far north end of Island Park, near the Rock River in Rock Rapids.

Mayor Chase tells us about the funding for the trail extension.

Rock River view from the “Scout Island” part of the trail, looking across the river into Island Park

The Forster Trust was set up by Frosty and Ella Forster, who lived in Rock Rapids many years ago. The fund has helped pay for many projects in Rock Rapids including the community center, ball fields, school auditorium, and much more. He says the original portion of the trail was funded differently.

Chase says the trail extension takes people through an area of the park that has not been very open to exploration lately.

We had a chance to talk to Mayor Chase more about the trail system, a proposed new campground near Island Park and several other topics. Click the play button (triangle) below for the whole interview.

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