Rock Rapids Woman To Donate Her Kidney To Co-Worker In February

Alli Dreke
Allison Dreke

Rock Rapids, Iowa — A Rock Rapids woman is about to give an unusual, huge gift — the gift of life, through the live donation of a kidney. Allison Dreke is a business development representative for Glynlyon — a publishing company and online academy based in Rock Rapids. She has decided to donate her kidney to a co-worker at the company’s other location in Chandler, Arizona.

We asked Dreke what made her decide to donate one of her kidneys.

She says she never really thought about it much again until recently.

Dreke says she had to undergo a number of tests to make sure it was going to work.

Even though most see kidney donation as a huge step, and perhaps one they would never even consider, Dreke says she has no second thoughts.

She says that besides the knowledge that she did the right thing, after she donates a kidney, she is automatically placed at the top of the list should she ever develop kidney problems and need a transplant herself. Plus she has lots of family that have said they could step in to donate a kidney to her or one of her children if the need should ever arise.

Dreke says donating a kidney is not a scary thing, as there is a very low risk involved. She says if you’re interested in donating your kidney, you can speak with your physician, who can lead you in the right direction.

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