Rock Valley Event Center Project Gets $150K Grant

Rock Valley, Iowa — The City of Rock Valley is someday going to have an event center on Highway 18.

Rock Valley City Administrator Tom Van Maanen tells us the latest about the plans for the facility.

He tells us about the financing for the facility.

He says the project is unique in that part of the building will be transformed into a new space for city offices, and the remaining part will be made into the event center. And grants for the event center do not apply to the city offices.

He says they expect the city offices portion to cost in the neighborhood of $650,000. Van Maanen tells us where the remaining financing will come from.

Van Maanen says they want to thank those that donated to make the CAT Grant possible.

The building that is going to be transformed into the event center and the city offices started life as one of the many northwest Iowa factories for K-Products — a company that made seed corn caps and other promotional merchandise in several northwest Iowa towns. Most recently the building had been used by Hope Haven, Incorporated of Rock Valley.

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