Rock Valley Experiences Record Year For Housing Development; Strong Commercial Development

Rock Valley Water TowerRock Valley, Iowa — The City of Rock Valley is reporting a record year for housing development for 2013.

Rock Valley Zoning Administrator David Miller says that a total of 29 homes were constructed in 2013 which sets a record for housing construction in Rock Valley. The previous record of 24 houses was set in 2005. This growth follows a 24% population growth from 2000-2010. Based on percentage, Rock Valley is the second fastest-growing community in western Iowa.

Commercial activity was also very strong. Two commercial buildings were constructed for a total of over 8,000 square feet. Other commercial building activity included two additions for a total of nearly 22,000 square feet.

Miller says that a record year in housing construction and influx in commercial building activity is the result of job creation from the industrial, commercial, and agricultural businesses located in Rock Valley. Rock Valley has seen growth through the recession and has attracted attention and builders from surrounding communities.

He says that building projects have increased in size and stature and their expectations for next year mirror the projects from 2013. Large scale commercial & residential construction projects, including single and multi-family homes are expected to continue next year and beyond, he says.

Miller reports that the City of Rock Valley is already in the planning stages with contractors for projects to be completed in 2014. The City of Rock Valley and Rock Valley Economic Development Corporation have been proactive in new development opportunities for residential and commercial construction. Miller says that Rock Valley offers multiple housing incentives for new home and commercial construction.

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