Rock Valley Recovering From Flood

North Main Street - Rock ValleyRock Valley, Iowa — The City of Rock Valley remains under a State of Emergency in the wake of flood waters which have ravaged parts of this Sioux County community since Monday night. In a

Rock Valley Mayor Kevin Van Otterloo
Rock Valley Mayor Kevin Van Otterloo

press conference called on Rock Valley’s Main Street Tuesday afternoon, Rock Valley Mayor Kevin Van Otterloo said that the City has sustained “significant damage” from the flooding.

Van Otterloo said that residents are currently being asked to limit water usage.

The Mayor says the spirit of cooperation between Rock Valley’s citizens and the volunteers who streamed into the community has truly been amazing.

Chief Monte WarburtonRock Valley Police Chief Monte Warburton said that several homes in Rock Valley’s north and west sides were evacuated as the waters rose Monday night.

The Chief went on to ask that travel in Rock Valley be limited to those assisting in the relief efforts.

Both men expressed their gratitude to the multitude of volunteers from around northwest Iowa and southeast South Dakota who responded to Rock Valley to assist with the flood relief efforts.

When asked, Mayor Van Otterloo said that the last time Rock Valley saw this kind of massive flooding was in 1969, but he added that even the 1969 flood pales in comparison to what they’re dealing with now.


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