Rock Valley’s Mandatory Water Restrictions to Remain in Effect

Rock Valley Water TowerRock Valley, Iowa — Due to the extended drought, the council of the City of Rock Valley has decided to extend the mandatory water restrictions which were originally enacted on August 31, 2012. The mandatory water restrictions apply to all properties including those with private wells or sand points located within the city limits of Rock Valley.

Under this order no outdoor watering or irrigation of lawns is permitted. The City of Rock Valley made a special point of announcing that they will not be granting any exceptions for people who have recently seeded their yards. Hand-watering of flower and vegetable gardens will be permitted twice a week with an application not to exceed one inch.

City officials say the restrictions continue to be necessary because of the persistent drought conditions last year and the minimal amount of snowfall this winter. Mayor Kevin Van Otterloo says that last year the City’s well levels dropped five to six feet, which required the council to pass the mandatory water restrictions. Since then, he says the well levels have only come back up six inches, which is not sufficient to remove the water restrictions.

The restrictions are to be in place until at least June 1st, when the matter will be reviewed to see if they can be lifted.

City Administrator Tom Van Maanen says they appreciate everyone’s cooperation and they hope to see several timely spring showers that will relieve the current situation.

For more information, including the fine schedule and special situations, you can contact the City of Rock Valley by email at or by phone at (712) 476-5707.

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