Saftey Education Trooper Gives Tips For Winter Travel

Vince Kurtz ISP
Iowa State Patrol Safety Education Trooper Vince Kurtz

Northwest Iowa — It is now officially winter. With that in mind, we talked with Safety Officer Vince Kurtz with the Iowa State Patrol. He says you should always check out what you’ll be dealing with before you leave on a journey of any length in the winter.

The 511 telephone number also works from landline telephones, and is a nationwide service. However, it only works for the state in which the phone is based — or in the case of a cell phone — the state of the tower you’re using. If you’re calling from out-of-state, you can get Iowa road reports by calling 800-288-1047.

Kurtz says there are some other things to keep in mind as well.

Kurtz advises not to put the lives of other people at risk by traveling when it’s not advised.

He says if you absolutely have to travel when conditions are not ideal, there are some tips to stay safe on the roads.

Again, those numbers for road conditions in Iowa are 511 or 1-800-288-1047.

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