UPDATE: Police Week – Letter from Sheldon Police Chief To Residents

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Sheldon Police Department Officers for the work they do each and every day to keep our community safe.  We are fortunate to have a police force that is made up of officers who have many years of experience and are capable of handling many different types of calls.  I would like to recognize each of these officers individually:

Officer Scott DeGoei

Officer David Dykstra

Officer Brian Wielenga

Officer Rob Hegenbarth

Officer Todd Wood

Officer Jett Korver

The total years of service combined  between our Sheldon PD officers is over 167 years.  We can be grateful  for their dedication to their jobs and for the experience they have in policing. 

Additionally, Elaine Boogerd is our administrative assistant and does a wide variety of tasks for our department.  While she is not a police officer, our department could not run effectively without her.

Policing has become increasingly challenging over the past few years.  We expect our police officers to be experts in the law, clergy members, counselors, psychiatrists, ETC.  Officers oftentimes have to deal with people when they are at their worst.   Officers are often second-guessed for the decisions they need to make.  Many of these decisions have to be made in a split-second.   They have to make decisions that have serious consequences attached to them.  When they make correct decisions, it’s common for people on both sides of the issue to be unhappy with them.   They sometimes get criticized by the public when they are “writing too many tickets or arresting too many people”, and they are also criticized when they aren’t doing enough enforcement. 

Unfortunately, we now have to police in a society that is becoming increasingly dangerous.  Recent terrorist events have taught us that these events don’t just happen in big cities or in other countries.    

It should be comforting to know that we have a police officer or officers on duty at every second of every day in Sheldon.   They put their uniform on each and every day knowing that today might be the day that they are killed in the line of duty.  While our department is certainly not perfect, we can be grateful to know that we have a police force that will do their utmost to protect and serve our community. 

If you see one of our officers, let them know that you appreciate what they do.  And, we appreciate your prayers. 

Chief Lyle Bolkema

Sheldon PD


Northwest Iowa — National Police Week is May 13th through 19th, and KIWA would like to recognize, thank, and pay tribute to the men and women of law enforcement in the area, who put their lives on the line to keep us all safe.

Take a minute to thank these men and women for the wonderful job they do:

Sheldon Police Department:

Left to Right: Officer Jett Korver, Officer Todd Wood, Officer Brian Wielenga, Officer Scott DeGoei, Officer David Dykstra, Officer Rob Hegenbarth, Chief Lyle Bolkema


O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office: Sheriff Allen Schuknecht, Chief Deputy Bruce Devereaux, Lt. Dean Fjeld, Deputy Lee Reuvers, Deputy Tim Rohrbaugh, Deputy Dan Bracy, Deputy Keven Van Meeteren, Deputy Steve Vander Veen, Deputy Brad Stevens.


Hartley Police Department:

 left to right: Chief Joel Hengeveld, Officer Ryan Austin, 

(not pictured) Officer Bryce Richter


Paullina Police Department: Chief Nathan Bremer, Officer Albert Voss IV.


Sanborn Police Department: 

Chief Brendan Olson (pictured above), Officer Greg Jacobsma, Officer Eric Meinecke.

The Sanborn Police Department Salutes Officer Tom Ginger, EOW 5/4/2018


Sutherland Police Department: Chief Jami Webster


Osceola County Sheriff’s Office: Sheriff Doug Weber, Chief Deputy Kevin Wollmuth, Lt. Seth Hofman, Sgt. Matt Julius, Deputy Nate Krikke, Deputy Lee Velema, Deputy Caleb Edwards, Deputy/K9 Tyler Bos.


Sioux County Sheriff’s Office: Sheriff Dan Altena, Chief Deputy Nate Huizenga, Capt. Jamison Van Voorst, Lt. Jason Bergsma, Sgt. Nathan Kelderman, Patrol Deputy Stan Oostra, Patrol Deputy Todd Bergsma, Patrol Deputy Jessica Dorhout, Patrol Deputy Brad DeKam, Patrol Deputy/K9 Tony Reitsma, Patrol Deputy/School Resource Officer Waylon Pollema, Patrol Deputy Caleb Haverdink, Patrol Deputy/K9 Justin De Bruin, Patrol Deputy Jose Mora, Reserve Deputy Ryan Sandbulte, Reserve Deputy Chad De Vries, Reserve Deputy Ryan McCrory, Reserve Deputy Audley De Jong, Reserve Deputy Chad Van Ravenswaay, Reserve Deputy Jake Harmelink, Reserve Deputy Charlie Zomermaand.


Orange City Police Department:

Front Row, left to right: Chad Van Ravenswaay, Bob Van Zee, Bruce Jacobsma, Jim Pottebaum

Back Row, left to right: Wes Van Voorst, Audley De Jong, Duane Hulstein


Rock Valley Police Department:

Chief Monte Warburton

Officer Mitch Miller

Officer Kurt De Groot

Officer Jordan Kerr

Officer Jeremy Spaans

Officer Derek Dreise


Hawarden Police Department: Chief Corey Utech, Officer John Millikan, Officer Chad Krebs, Officer Robert Upton, Officer Justin DeBruin, Officer Alex Lynott, Officer Myron Dekkers, Officer Mike DeBruin, Officer Brent Huyser, Officer Kyle Plendl.


Lyon County Sheriff’s Office: Sheriff Stewart VanderStoep, Chief Deputy Jerry Birkey, Detective Rick Bos, Deputy Mark Dorhout, Deputy Chad Klosterboer, Deputy William Minor, Deputy Nyron Moore, Deputy Kyle Munneke, Deputy Kyle Oostra, Deputy Stephanie Schreurs, Deputy Amy Stoner, Deputy Rob VerMeer.


Iowa State Patrol: O’Brien County – Trooper Zach Dieken, Trooper Mark Ades; Lyon County – Trooper Jeff Zylstra, Trooper Jeremy Hilt, Trooper Matt Ross; Osceola County – Trooper Tim Van Engen; Sioux County – Trooper Terry Dykstra, Trooper Vincent Kurtz.


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