Sanborn Ambulance Takes Volunteer Recruiting Effort To Social Media

Sanborn AmbulanceSanborn, Iowa — We’ve told you before about the difficult times many small-town volunteer EMS systems are having recruiting new members, and retaining long time volunteers.

Samborn’s Ambulance Team, or SAM, is taking a step away from the traditional when it comes to recruiting, and utilizing social media.  SAM Director Paul Schuler explains.

Schuler says this time SAM is targeting a more mature demographic with their social media campaign.

He says they’re even offering a sign-on bonus for anybody who volunteers to join SAM.

Schuler says it’s not only SAM that’s experiencing a shortage of volunteers.  The same crunch is being felt by volunteer Emergency Services crews across the country.

The social media approach to reach potential volunteers isn’t the first creative things SAM has done.  A couple of years ago they used their ambulance as a billboard to catch the attention of potential recruits.

If you’re interested in volunteering for the Sanborn Ambulance, Schuler says you can stop by city hall for an application, or simply call (712) 630-1468 for more information.

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