Sanford Sheldon, Helping Student Athletes Avoid & Recover From Injuries

Sheldon, Iowa — Often when we hear the words, “sports medicine” we tend to think of orthopedic specialists in bigger cities. What you may not know is there are sports medicine specialists right here in Sheldon.

Donna Ihnen is Director of Physical Therapy at Sanford Sheldon, and she says her department has been involved in sports medicine with local high schools for more than twenty-five years.

She says Sanford Sheldon also offers an Athletic Enhancement Program.

Ihnen says there is an Athletic Enhancement Program, designed primarily for middle school athletes, beginning in the next few weeks.

She says Sanford Sheldon provides several services right at the Sheldon Community Schools.

In addition, she says they provide injury assessments, event coverage at home varsity events, and help injured athletes get to where they need to go, whether it’s the ER, an orthopedic specialist, or what have you.

Ihnen says she’s grateful for all the support given to the Sanford Sheldon Sports Medicine Program.

She made her comments during Wednesday’s KIWA Morning Show with Wayne & Aaron.

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