Sapp Murder Trial Moved To Carroll County – No-Contact Order Requested

Sapp,Rochelle- cutOrange City, Iowa — The First Degree Murder trail for Rochelle Sapp of Orange City, the in-home daycare provider charged in the death of 3-year old Autumn Elgersma of Orange City, has been moved to Carroll County on a change of venue.

Sapp’s attorney, Ned Bjornstad had requested the change of venue on April 7th.  The Iowa Supreme Court has now approved the change to Carroll County District Court in Carroll, Iowa, which is located about 125 miles from Orange City.  The trial is scheduled to begin November 13th of this year, with Jury Selection to begin that day.

A No-Contact Order has also been requested in the Sapp case.  The Sioux County Attorney’s Office says the order was sought after Sapp allegedly sent unsolicited text messages to the mother and another relative of the child she is accused of killing.  The request calls the unsolicited text messages, “unwanted, upsetting and distressing to the victim’s family”, and requests that Sapp be ordered to have no further contact.

The No-Contact Order Application can be viewed by clicking here.

The Change of Venue Order can be viewed by clicking here.

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