Scammers Target College Students

scam alert 1Northwest Iowa — With school back in session, a new round of scams is surfacing that are targeting college students.

Jim Hegarty, of the Better Business Bureau, says scammers are using social media to offer tempting deals on student loans.

The first scam makes it sound very easy to get thousands of dollars in education grant money.

Any money they do send off in advance is usually lost. Other scams offer students free trials on all sorts of programs which end up charging a monthly fee. The bureau is also warning students who may still be looking for a place to live near campus to watch where they click. Con artists are offering great apartments for rent at excellent prices, but the apartments either don’t exist or they’re not really owned by the advertiser.

Hegarty warns that if a deal sounds like it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

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