SCDC Reviews Progress, Sets Goals

Sheldon, Iowa — The availability of housing in Sheldon, or the lack thereof was one of the main topics of discussion when the Sheldon Chamber and Development Corporation held their goal planning session Tuesday.  Several members of the board brought up the fact that the lack of housing choices often was a problem when they were trying to bring new employees to Sheldon.  It was noted that right now only about twenty homes are listed for sale, but many homes are actually for sale that are not listed.  It is hoped that the opening of new lots in both the Trilogy and Sheldon Crossroads additions will spur new home construction which will create the availability of existing  homes for people to buy.

Jeff Schott from the University of Iowa Institute of Public Affairs led the planning session and complimented the SCDC and city for what they have accomplished since his last session in Sheldon.  This included the downtown streetscape project, the cooperation between the City, SCDC and the schools, the construction of a multi-family housing unit, creation of two new housing areas, improvements to Highway 18,  the partnership with Northwest Iowa community college, and the partnership with the School  District in the development of additional soccer fields and ball diamonds.  Schott said a lot of communities don’t get things done because there is a lack of cooperation.  Several issues from the 2009 goal setting session are still on the table.  This included the development of a strong retail committee, the need for the SCDC to develop a marketing strategy and the need to involve a more diverse group of people in the work of the Chamber and SCDC.

The Sheldon City Council also held their goal planning session Tuesday, and we’ll have a summary of that session on later newscasts.


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