School Board Election Scheduled For Tuesday

Northwest Iowa — It’s school board election time again in northwest Iowa.  The election is the day after Labor Day, Tuesday, September 8th.

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Candidates in several districts are running unopposed, but there are some contested races as well. There is also one ballot measure in the Sibley Ocheyedan district. Four seats on the Northwest Iowa Community College board of directors are up for election as well, but they are all running unopposed.
Here’s a look at what you’ll find on the ballot:
Director, Northwest Iowa Community College Board
District 2: Stephen Simons (incumbent) unopposed
District 3 Loretta Berkland (incumbent) unopposed
District 5: Adam Besaw (incumbent) unopposed
District 6: Leroy Van Kekerix (incumbent) unopposed
O’Brien County:
Hartley Melvin Sanborn:
District 1: Jill Zeutenhorst unopposed
District 4: Scott Heetland (incumbent) unopposed
District 3: Marne Schipoff (incumbent) unopposed, to fill vacancy
Director At Large: Dan Van Gorp vs. Jessica Brink
District 2: Mark Brown (incumbent) vs Steve Holles
District 3: Kecia Hickman unopposed
South O’Brien
Director at Large: Tom Wagner (incumbent) unopposed
District 2: Sue McCauley (incumbent) unopposed
District 4: Todd Faust (incumbent) unopposed
District 5: Sandra Kae Fritz (incumbent) unopposed
Osceola County:
District 2: Kyle Grimes (incumbent) unopposed
District 5: Daniel Berkland (incumbent) unopposed
Public measure B: Whether to levy a Physical Plant and Equipment Levy of  $0 .67/$1000 valuation
Harris-Lake Park (administered by Dickinson County)
District 1: Douglas Stahly (incumbent) unopposed
District 3: Arin Elser (incumbent) unopposed
District 5: Shelley Heikens (incumbent) unopposed
Lyon County:
Central Lyon:
Four people running for three positions as director at large:
Judy Gacke(incumbent), David Jans(incumbent), Joel De Wit, Andy Koob
George-Little Rock:
Director At Large Curt Fiedler (incumbent) vs Gregory Ver Steeg
District 1: Douglas Lee Krull (incumbent) unopposed
District 4: Amy Jurrens (incumbent) unopposed
West Lyon
District 3: Justin Metzger unopposed (incumbent Gib Van Hill is retiring)
District 4: Derek Knobloch (incumbent) unopposed
Sioux County
Boyden Hull:
District 2: Jason Moser and Aric Van Voorst running unopposed for the dual seat
District 3: Jake Ten Haken vs Lisa Te Slaa
(Boyden Hull precincts are open from 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM, all other precincts in Sioux County open at noon and close at 8:00 PM)
District 1: Chris Immeker unopposed
District 2: Amy Kleinhesselink (incumbent) unopposed
District 4: Shane Jager (incumbent) unopposed
Rock Valley:
Director At Large: Jerry Kelderman unopposed
Director At Large: James Van Veldhuizen unopposed
Sioux Center:
Director At Large: Timothy Lee Gesink unopposed
Director At Large: Scott Te Stroete unopposed
West Sioux:
District 3: NO CANDIDATES, winner will be write-in
District 4: Danielle Gradert unopposed
District 1: Russell Coons unopposed
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