School Board Hears Presentation From Students and Teachers

When the Sheldon Community School Board met Monday night, they heard a presentation from students and teachers in the reading program at the middle school on a variety of e-readers, from audio books on CD to i-Pod and i-Pod Touch to Nook devices, and more.

The students, in grades 5 through 8, use the audiobooks in conjunction with the printed books to not only help them improve their reading, but also their vocabulary.

Teachers told the Board that the audiobooks improve student comprehension and oral fluency, strengthen vocabulary and listening skills, aid in decoding written words as they read along with the audio book, stimulate imagination and motivation to read, and make reading fun, in addition to other advantages of the method.

The Board also approved a pair of Open Enrollment applications; the first for a Special Education student to enroll out of the district into the Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn District, while the second was for a student to open enroll into the Sheldon District.   The Board accepted the resignations of Tyann Thong Vanh, and Shantel Mozer.  Thong Vanhs resignation was effective February 7th, and Mozers will be effective the end of this school year.

They also approved a pair of coaching contracts.  The first is for Taylor Morris, a senior at Northwestern College as Assistant Baseball Coach.  Morris was an Assistant Coach at Emmetsburg last year.  The second was for Mike Niece who will serve as the Head Softball Coach.

The Board also voted to purchase a pair of SUVs for the District.  They include a 2011 Ford Expedition EL from Ron Drenkow Motors, and a 2011 Chevrolet Suburban from Hamill Motor Company.  The District will pay $32,290 for the Expedition, and $31,975 for the Suburban.  The cost of the Suburban takes into account the trade-in of a van by the School District.

There will be more school news on future newscasts.

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