School Helping Grieving Students Deal With Loss Of Friend

Rock Rapids, Iowa — It’s been a few days now since a George girl who went to Central Lyon Elementary School in Rock Rapids died in a tragic house fire. And those in charge at Central Lyon are doing their best to help students touched by her death.

Central Lyon Elementary Principal Steve Harmon tells us about 9-year-old Riley Meyer.

Harmon tells us about the school’s approach to helping the students deal with the tragedy.

Harmon says they wanted to let the students know that it’s OK to be sad, and it’s OK to be angry or confused. He says people are going to have a number of questions.

Harmon says that if people are feeling helpless, one thing they can do that has purpose is to donate to help Meyer’s family, who lost not only a daughter, but all their possessions in the fire.

He says it’s also important for the family to know that they can ask for help even months down the road if they need it. Harmon says their main focus is remembering Riley.

Mr. Harmon tells us that they’re considering canceling school on Monday for the funeral. But he says there are other concerns to keep in mind — like students who would be alone at home during the funeral if school was out. He says school administrators will make that decision as they are able.

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