Schwarz Sanitary Changing Garbage, Recyclable Collection Schedule

Sheldon, Iowa — Customers of Schwarz Sanitary in Sheldon will soon see some changes in the schedule for pick-up of their garbage and recyclables.

Jeff Schwarz talks about those schedule changes.

For recycling pick-up, residents west of 2nd Avenue, or old Highway 60, north of Highway 18, east of Washington Avenue, and south of 11th Street are on Schwarz Sanitary’s Route 1. Route 1 customers should put their recyclables out the 1st and 3rd Sunday night of the month for Monday pick-up, and put their garbage out on Monday night for early Tuesday pick-up.

Residents south of Highway 18 to 11th Street, and from Washington Avenue to 2nd Avenue, are considered to be on Schwarz Sanitary’s Route 2. Those residents will need to put their recyclables out on the 2nd and 4th Sunday night of each month, for Monday pick-up, and put their garbage out on Tuesday night for Wednesday morning pick-up.

We asked Schwarz about the reason for the schedule change.

In addition, the Sheldon Garbage Ordinance specifies the maximum quantity of garbage that a residence can have picked up at any one time.

Schwarz says you do have an option should you have more garbage than the ordinance allows.

Schwarz says the new garbage and recycling collection schedules are only for customers of Schwarz Sanitary, and will go into affect beginning this Sunday night.

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