Science Fair Results

On Tuesday, November 13, 2012, Sheldon Middle School held its 17th Annual 8th Grade Science Fair.

The fair involves 8th grade students designing a controlled experiment to help solve a problem or answer a question.  The top three winners will move on to the State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa competition, which will be held in Ames at Hilton Coliseum on the Iowa State University Campus. The date of the State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa will be on April 5 and 6, 2012.

Congratulations to all students who participated and best wishes to those moving on to the State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa. Those students/groups taking the top three places, as well as those receiving honorable mention are listed below.

Place Group Members Project Title

1st Alex Albrecht Testing how sunscreen with different SPF’s affects the growth of yeast

2nd Haley Wagenaar Testing how the recipe in making asphalt affects it strength

3rd Parker Nissen / Connor Vaselaar Testing how the means of curing meat affects the quality (size and tenderness) of the meat

Honorable Mention Austin Theis Testing how the type of wood affects how easily a nail can be driven into it

Honorable Mention Dominic Seivert / Mitchal Van Gorp Testing how the amount of fat in ground beef affects the amount of grease and shrinkage when it is cooked

Honorable Mention Nick Huesman / Sam Wagner Testing how the amount of water and ink ratio affects the clarity and quality of print on newspaper

Honorable Mention Bryn Groff Testing how the type of substance affect its temperature change when it is exposed to light.

Honorable Mention Tyler Whitcanack Testing how the type of liquid drink affects how well a steel plate corrodes in the liquid

Honorable Mention Sydney Naber Testing how the type of treatment affects how well the treatment kills thrush on the hooves of horses

Honorable Mention Megan Tutje Testing how the hardness of water affects how well it lathers up when mixed with shampoo/soap

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