Screening For Movie Caucus, Shot Partially In NW Iowa To Be In Sioux Center Monday

film slate clapperSioux Center, Iowa — A documentary movie that was shot among other locations in parts of Orange City, Le Mars, and Rock Rapids, will have a special, one night only screening on Monday, October 28 in Sioux Center.

The film Caucus follows eight Republican candidates leading up to the 2012 presidential election as they campaign through the state.  For nine months, A-J Schnack and his team piled into a rental car and followed the candidates into nearly every corner of the state. Schnack says Iowans approach elections with the knowledge that quite a bit hinges on their votes.

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(as he says) “There are people in the film who you would see each candidate — that just doesn’t happen everywhere. People make their mind up and then they’re done,” Schnack says.

The film shows everyone from Michele Bachmann to Tim Pawlenty making their case to Iowans at fundraisers and campaign events-often asking outright for a vote–but it also shows voters asking questions, even grilling candidates with their concerns.

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(as he says)”That is a really amazing piece to the American political system. I’m not sure anyone understands how rigorous that is, and what a task it is for these candidates,” according to Schnack.

Schnack says he’s wanted to document the Iowa caucuses for years-and lucked out with his cast of characters. He says Santorum’s decision to visit each of Iowa’s 99 counties posed a challenge.

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(as he says) “We were either staying the night in Des Moines and Iowa City, then getting up early to driving and trying to find out where he was at,” Schnack says. “You’d drive for hours and and hours and get to a place and there would be 10 to 15 people there, and you’d be like, how do any of these candidates do it!” Schnack says.

But Schnack says the Iowans featured in the film became characters themselves as he says the voters at campaign events took their role seriously, remaining skeptical and asking questions.

The movie opened on Friday in Des Moines, and will have a special, one night only screening at Cinema 5 in Sioux Center tonight (Monday, October 28) at 6:30.

Radio Iowa assisted with this story.

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