Second Sheldon 4 Sheldon Truck Deadline Is Wednesday Afternoon

Sheldon, Iowa — (Sheldon, Texas) — Earlier we told you about the arrival in Sheldon, Texas of the first semi-load of flood relief supplies. That semi, loaded with 36,000 bottles of drinking water arrived Monday morning.

After that water was delivered,  Robert Lopez, with the Sheldon Independent School District in Texas, told us that the water filled a great need, since many of the homes in that community depend upon well water, which is now contaimnated due to the Hurricane Harvey floodwaters.  KIWA spoke with Sheldon (IA) Mayor Katricia Meendering, and she told us she had no idea water was so desperately needed in that area.

At last week’s council meeting, the Mayor signed, and the council approved, a proclamation declaring the Sheldon IA 4 Sheldon TX relief effort.  Mayor Meendering says that proclamation runs through Wednesday, and the next truckload of supplies is scheduled to leave the Community Building parking lot Wednesday afternoon.

Early Tuesday afternoon, a truck and trailer from the City of Rock Valley arrived at the Sheldon Community Services Center to donate three pallets of flood clean-up supplies to help the Sheldon 4 Sheldon campaign.  You may recall that Rock Valley experienced their own severe flooding in 2014.

Tuesday morning, Sheldon (IA) City Manager Sean Hutchison told KIWA that the second truck will be pulling out of the Community Building parking lot shortly after 4:00 Wednesday afternoon, and will then travel to the Sheldon Fareway Store, where the donations gathered there will be loaded.  Then Thursday morning, the truck will stop at the Sheldon Hy-Vee store, so the merchandise donated by their customers can be loaded onto the truck, as well.  The second truck load of supplies is then scheduled to depart Hy-Vee, to bring those relief supplies to our adopted family in Sheldon, Texas.

After 4:00 pm Wednesday, monetary donations may still be made by visiting the Sheldon (IA) City Office, or you can donate directly to the Sheldon (TX) Independent School District Education Foundation’s fundraising campaign, online, by clicking here.

Here are some photos of the delivery from Rock Valley………………….

Rock Valley City Employee Arrives with Flood Clean-Up Supplies


Unloading Flood Clean-up Supplies from Rock Valley


Sheldon City Employee Brice Mosier Operates Forklift to Load Flood Clean-up Supplies


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