Selfie World Record Attempt Falls Short

Selfie LineSheldon, Iowa — Four hundred forty five NCC students, faculty, alumni and local citizens lined up Wednesday morning in an attempt to set the World’s Record for “Longest Selfie Line” at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon.

Although the turnout was good, it did fail to break the previous record of five hundred thirty one people.  The people participating were lined up and then, one by one, they moved through the line, first appearing in a selfie with the person in front of them, then in another with the person behind them in line.

This marked the second consecutive year that NCC has included a world record attempt as part of Days of Thunder, the college’s Homecoming week.  Last year they attempted to set a world record for the longest parade of pickup trucks.  That attempt also fell just short, with 315 pickups taking part.  The record was 346.

Days of Thunder continues throughout the week with 3 on 3 basketball Wednesday night and Thursday.  Friday is Family Day on the NCC campus, and Saturday is the 4th Annual NCC/KIWA Radio Thunder Road Race, which begins with warm-ups at 8:30 am at the LLRC, with runners taking the gun at 9:00 am.

Aerial View Of Selfie Line
Line of People Waiting To Take Selfies At NCC
Line of People Waiting To Take Selfies At NCC
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