Sheldon Car Club Wants Better Law Enforcement During Car Show

Date posted - September 8, 2013

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Sheldon, Iowa — This year over two hundred cars from as far away as 150 miles were in Sheldon for the Labor Day Weekend annual Cruise night.  The event was held in the parking lot at Langer’s where they drew a large crowd of viewers.  The event was hosted by the Sheldon Moonlite Crewzers Car Club.  Pete Hamill, representing the car club spoke to the Sheldon City Council at their recent meeting with some concerns.  He said the show was marred by excessive acceleration and burnouts being performed along the streets.  These vehicles were not a part of the car show and not only created excessive noise, but was also a danger to spectators and cruise participants.  He said that many people were commenting about the lack of law enforcement and they finally made a phone call asking for officers to stop this illegal activity.  Hamill says they have had a similar situation in previous years.

Sheldon Police Chief Lyle Bolkema tells KIWA that only one Sheldon officer was on duty , with others on call if needed.  There also was an O’Brien County Sheriff’s Deputy on duty in Sheldon, and a Highway Patrol car was in the area.  Bolkema pointed out that a situation such as this is difficult for the officers because it was occurring at several different places around the community at the same time.

Hamill told the council that the club intends to continue having the cruise night and car show, but is respectfully asking for additional law enforcement for the cruise night as well as Labor Day between 4:30 and 5:00 pm when the cars are leaving the High School grounds.   He pointed out that the event brings hundreds of visitors to Sheldon and they want everyone to leave with a good impression of the community.

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15 Responses to “Sheldon Car Club Wants Better Law Enforcement During Car Show”

  1. BB_Mom_Sheldon says:

    The car show on Labor Day is always a good time. Kudos to the club for your efforts there. Now, about cruise night…..just call it the pre-carshow and leave it at that then. When A&W hosted for years, there were burn outs and hot cars with loud motors/exhausts always present. I would dare to bet that half or more of the attendees and spectators will cease to be around if you make it grandma and grandpas car cruise. I’ve always seen a police presence and they have warned those that got a little too wild and they shut it down right on time. It’s the one time a year this is allowed to happen and I don’t know of any injuries or bad accidents that have happened because of it. Tell them to bring ear plugs and LET THEM BE!

    • Are you kidding me? What a joke. Car’s are not meant to just sit and look at in a parking lot and then have the owner go on a 5 minute boring cruise. If you are tired of what cars are SUPPOSED to do, please, by all means, sell yours to someone that will actually enjoy it. Cops are already a huge problem against car enthusiasts. Harassment runs rampant with police. They definitely love the revenues that come with it, that much is clear.

    • Older than I Look says:

      Well said BB_Mom, I have attended most all of Sheldon’s Labor Day cruise-ins, and several area events as well. When the enforcement gets strict the attendance goes down. I for one, am already planning on being out of town next year rather than pay for excessive accelleration fines. Like it or not, if I have horsepower under my right foot it is getting used! The rush of people @ 4:00pm to the car show isn’t to hear who placed, it’s to see the display of power as they leave. Get in touch with your audience, or there are plenty of other area events that weekend also. Maybe the cops can watch to see if all of the cars have front and rear license plates as they leave? I’m kidding, but my point is careful what you wish for! I don’t ever want to see anyone get hurt at one of these events, maybe the fence that was present at the street dance could stick around a day longer???????

  2. duderson says:

    I believe the burnouts is what draws a lot of spectators to this event. More law enforcement will for one make it boring and two drive plenty of the out of towners away from this event. Also who doesn’t love the smell of burning rubber? Lighten up and have a little fun for petes sake!

  3. Me says:

    Treacherous grounds here. The Loop brought in hundreds of people every weekend. And when the police decided they no longer wanted to deal with it, they shut it down.

    Careful what you ask for.

  4. Chad says:

    anything you want Pete

  5. Red says:

    I was going to say the same thing. Remember when you were young and full of sap! You did the same things.

  6. KW. says:

    Well Pete you may have been representing the car club but I have a feeling that you did that on your own. Your inner circle of one is not what all members have to say. I would hopefully think that cooler minds will prevail and the car clubs and spectators will not become targets for harassment or tickets. If you want to kill, a great event such as this cruise night, and car show bring in the cops. You will see this dry up to where it will not be worth anyone’s time to have

  7. ChrisCup says:

    Leave the real car enthusiasts and gearheads alone. If you want a quiet tranquil hobby there’s plenty of other things do. Join a book a month or knitting club. If fast loud cars and the smell of fuel and rubber annoy you, don’t go to the once a year cruise and try and ruin an already fading pastime.l

  8. Sonny says:

    nobody wants to shut down cruise night but there is a liability issue to be considered
    IF there would be an incident where a driver or spectator got hurt during the cruise who would be liable? The driver? The city (lack of enforcement)? The car club (sponsors of the event)? Probably all 3 would be sued.
    In our sue happy society people are forced to be extremely careful.

  9. old woman says:

    Come on , get a grip. weren’t you young once? I would complain about the garbage that was left behind by the spectators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. oh cry about liability this and liability that. a meteor could also fall from the sky and kill people. you can get hit by a bus on a city street and be killed. if all people do is worry about could happen life than there is no point in living. get busy living… or get busy dying. its as simple as that. grow a pair sheldon car club. take a look at what happened in onawa… 600 plus cars every year, tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for the town and businesses… then the cops got involved and now that event isnt even a shell of its former self. same old boring cars crusing around not doing anything. rev your car… ticket. do a burnout.. ticket. cross your eyes at a revenue generator the wrong way… ticket. cars are supposed to be fun and enjoyable behind the wheel. please open your eyes and see this.

  11. Muscle Car Guy says:

    Lighten up, and put on your Big Boy Pants gramps. The other commenters here are right and you will lose the crowds that come now if you get your way.

    Excessive acceleration, the sound of large V8s and the smell of burning rubber bring in the crowds that want to re-live their youth. Watching Gramps cruise down the boulevard in his restored 1975 Delta 88 just won’t cut it, and the only crowd left will be the “Nellies”.

  12. Gramma46 says:

    I agree it was a great cruise night and also agree let them have fun but I was sitting by the old HyVee and feared what could happen with the way some sped by in the outside lane. Like Pete said it was some that didn’t even have a cruiser and some were motorcycles that would have been hurting if someone decided to move over. I seen where the cars in the inside lane stopped to let cross traffic go across and almost got hit by a car in the outside lane. Maybe just a little more control will eliminate anyone getting hurt.

    • car crazy says:

      I agree with most of the comments said here. In the sue happy world we live in anyone is liable, and some can get out of hand. The fact remains that this is a once a year event and people do like to see and feel the power. Maybe there should be a certain area to allow the burn outs. Maybe they should make 18 a 3 lane like Sioux center to avoid the (danger) of 4 lanes. Either way the people will go where the cars are allowed to use and feel the power. If you take away the burn out and loud cars it will end up like Pete’s dealership…..GONE!!!!!!

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