Sheldon Car Club Wants Better Law Enforcement During Car Show

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Sheldon, Iowa — This year over two hundred cars from as far away as 150 miles were in Sheldon for the Labor Day Weekend annual Cruise night.  The event was held in the parking lot at Langer’s where they drew a large crowd of viewers.  The event was hosted by the Sheldon Moonlite Crewzers Car Club.  Pete Hamill, representing the car club spoke to the Sheldon City Council at their recent meeting with some concerns.  He said the show was marred by excessive acceleration and burnouts being performed along the streets.  These vehicles were not a part of the car show and not only created excessive noise, but was also a danger to spectators and cruise participants.  He said that many people were commenting about the lack of law enforcement and they finally made a phone call asking for officers to stop this illegal activity.  Hamill says they have had a similar situation in previous years.

Sheldon Police Chief Lyle Bolkema tells KIWA that only one Sheldon officer was on duty , with others on call if needed.  There also was an O’Brien County Sheriff’s Deputy on duty in Sheldon, and a Highway Patrol car was in the area.  Bolkema pointed out that a situation such as this is difficult for the officers because it was occurring at several different places around the community at the same time.

Hamill told the council that the club intends to continue having the cruise night and car show, but is respectfully asking for additional law enforcement for the cruise night as well as Labor Day between 4:30 and 5:00 pm when the cars are leaving the High School grounds.   He pointed out that the event brings hundreds of visitors to Sheldon and they want everyone to leave with a good impression of the community.

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