Sheldon City Council Accepts Bid For Drilling Of New Deep Well

community services center 300pxSheldon, IA — At their regular meeting Wednesday afternoon, the Sheldon City Council approved the low bid for the drilling of a new 615-foot, single casing, deep well to help meet the City’s future water needs.

The low bidder who was awarded the contract was Layne Christensen Co., of Grimes, Iowa at a total bid of $329,490.  Sheldon Public Works Director Todd Uhl told the Council that the figure doesn’t include other work that will be required, but isn’t part of the drilling project.  The engineers for the project told the Council that the winning bidder had said he would agree to a discount, if the completion date were moved back until next fall.  The bid specifications call for the project to be completed prior to the beginning of next summer’s peak water usage season.  When asked how important the specified completion date actually is, Uhl told the Council that, in his opinion, it was critical that the well be completed and online by that time.  He said that the current shallow well aquifer isn’t being replenished due to the dry weather of the last couple of years, and that a continued low moisture period would make early completion vital to Sheldon being able to meet it’s water needs.

In other water talks, the Council heard an update on the situation with Sheldon’s participation in the Lewis & Clark Water Project.  City Manager Scott Wynja told the Council that he still feels that Lewis & Clark is the City’s best option for meeting their long-term water needs.  He said that he has been in contact with people at the State level in Iowa who suggested some possible funding solutions.  But at this point nothing is set in stone.

In other action, the Sheldon City Council approved the payment of just over $96,500 to Rens Concrete for the Downtown Infrastructure Project.  The Council had a lengthy discussion prior to approving the payment, citing their frustration and displeasure over the quality of work by Rens, as well as the length of time being taken to complete it.  City Manager Scott Wynja reminded the Council that there have been Rens subcontractors working on the project in recent weeks, and that the lion’s share of this payment would be finding it’s way to those contractors.

Wynja also told the Council that he has had several conversations with Rens Concrete in the past few days, and has been assured that they plan to remove the old pavement on the 300 block of 9th Street next week, as well as bringing in the paver next week and beginning the paving process between 2nd and 4th Avenues.

The Sheldon Council sold the final available lot in the Schemper Addition at their Wednesday meeting.  The lot, located at 600-26th Avenue, was purchased by Wade and Kimberly Heemskerk at a price of $22,890.  Wynja told the Council that the Schemper Addition had been opened in 2000, with a total of 51 lots for sale.  He said that the proceeds from the sale of those lots has been put back into infrastructure for the development of neighboring development tracts.


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