Sheldon City Council Acts on School District Request For Traffic Safety Measures

community services center 300pxSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council has approved the sale of city property located west of Crossroads Community Church as well as a residential lot in the Sunshine Addition to Jeff and Sara Van Meeteren.   In other action Wednesday the council followed the advice of the Sheldon Community School District with two safety measures.  One of those would extend the school zone on Highway 18 eastward to the Sears and Peoples Bank intersection.  The council’s action will be forwarded to the Iowa Department of Transportation for their approval.  This would also extend the 35-mile-per-hour speed limit to that same point.  The other request of the school board was to have stop signs erected for both east and westbound traffic on Fourth Street at the crossing with Normal College Avenue.  Council member Brad Hindt felt that it should be a four way stop, but his motion was defeated.  The school’s request was then approved.

Also Wednesday, the council took steps to eliminate the large packet of information on paper which is provided to participants before every council meeting.  Wayne Barahona of Super Hi Tech proposed a system which would improve communications between council members and city officials and reduce the use and cost of paper.  The council has been talking about such a system for some time and had included ten thousand dollars for it in their budget.  The proposal from Super Hi Tech which was approved by the council will cost less than six thousand dollars.  It will provide tablets for all council members, the mayor, city attorney and the four senior staff members.  The tablets will be Windows-based and the information will be cloud-based and secure.

Public Works Director Todd Uhl brought the council up to date on problems with the ground storage tank at the water plant.  The tank had been re-coated on both the inside and outside to eliminate leakage.  However, there are still pinholes in the coating which is allowing some water to leak out of the tank.  One theory is that the new fast-drying coating used for the project is part of the problem.  Since the work must be done in warm weather the contractor will return in the spring to cover the pinhole areas with a slower-curing material.  The company has extended their warranty from two years to three years, but councilman Rensink wanted it in writing.  Payment was approved for the project with the provision that the contractor complies with this request.

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