Sheldon City Council and Marketing Committee Agree on Funding Arrangement for Children’s World

Sheldon ID logoSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council and the Marketing Committee have come to an agreement on where the money will come from to assist Children’s World with their finances.

At their budget session, the council had agreed to budget one hundred thousand dollars over a three year period for Children’s World.  In their discussion they felt that some of that money should come from the Hotel-Motel tax which is dispersed for various projects by the Marketing Committee.   At Wednesday’s council meeting, Council member Greg Geels reported that in a meeting with the Marketing Committee they agreed to provide twenty thousand dollars per year.  They also discussed the possibility of raising the Hotel-Motel tax to seven percent.  Ron Rensink said he would not want this tax to be increased unless it is for a definitive purpose.  Duane Seehusen wanted to set a cap of seventy thousand dollars per year to be used by the marketing committee.  Others felt that these were proposals to be considered at a later date and agreed on using twenty thousand dollars per year of the money for Children’s World in addition to thirteen thousand dollars per year from the Local Option Sales Tax fund.  Seehusen cast the lone dissenting vote.

The Council also held a public hearing on the final plat of Trilogy Village.  This project will provide 16 new residential lots east and north of the Fieldcrest assisted living center.  Marv Uittenbogaard and Wayne Reed who live immediately north of that development addressed the council with concerns about how the amount of water that drains through that area would be a problem.  The Engineer, Pat Bickett said that man-holes in that area would be fitted with grated drains.  He also felt that the new street on the north and west side of Fieldcrest would help divert the water to the storm sewer system.  Uittenbogaard also pointed out that additional buildings increase the amount of storm drainage because, as he put it, ‘roofs do not take up water’.

The council set March 20th as the date for the council to determine the price of the Trilogy Village Lots.  City manager Scott Wynja suggested to the council that the prices be based on $1.90 per square foot.  This is higher than City lots have been priced previously, but reflects the increase in the cost of infrastructure.


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