Sheldon City Council Hears Update On Water Situation

The Sheldon City Council heard a report on the work being done in the new Industrial Park at the Highway 18 & 60 interchange from Public Works Director Todd Uhl at their regular Council meeting Wednesday afternoon.

Uhl told the Council that the work on the project is almost done, and that all the work has passed inspection, with just a few minor items remaining to be completed.  He recommended to the Council that they approve the $341,949.28 partial payment that they were discussing at this meeting.  That recommendation was passed unanimously.

Uhl also updated the Council on a number of other projects that are currently underway in the City.  He said that work has started on the 21st Avenue drainage project.  He told the Council that the asphalt overlay project has yet to begin because the company that does the work has yet to arrive.  He said he got word Wednesday that the grinders will be in town, and begin work, in the next few days, and that he expects the pavers to arrive approximately one week later.

Uhl addressed the fact that the Community Services Center building has been without air conditioning for the past few weeks.  He said that the company that sold the City the cooling tower for the building is scheduled to be in town next week to get it started up.

Uhl also told the Council that the City’s wells are, as he put it, “losing ground” on water level.  He said that the situation doesn’t warrant water restrictions, at this time, but urged Sheldon residents to conserve water as much as possible in the coming weeks.  He also said that City crews have been dealing with several water leaks in recent days.  Uhl explained that the drought has caused the dry ground to move, “almost like the ground has frost in it”, and that the leaks they are finding are primarily caused by the stresses of this moving soil.  He said that crews have repaired several leaks recently and still have more to fix.  He says if we don’t receive some rain before winter, the frost could sink deeper into the ground, causing more severe problems than normal. Uhl told the Council that he’s received several reports of sink holes around town, and upon making repairs to them, has discovered that by and large they’re being caused by water leaks.  He said things have been “a lot different this year than in most years.”

In other action, the Council voted to approve the appointment of Fred Stratman to the Trails Board.

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