Sheldon City Council to Hold Four Public Hearings Wednesday

New-Sheldon-SignThe Sheldon City Council has four public hearings on their agenda when they meet this Wednesday May 1st.

The first will be on the improvements to Country Club Road and East 9th Street.  After the hearing they will consider a contract with the apparent low bidder on the project.  According to the proposed contract the work would start no later than July 8th and would be finished in 25 working days.   The second public hearing will be on the Highway 18 pavement widening.  This will include an overlay and storm sewer construction.  This work would begin no earlier than May 28th and must be substantially completed by September 15th.

The next public hearing will be on the final plat on the first re-plat of Outlot X in Sheldon Crossing.   And the final Public hearing will be held to consider an amendment of the fiscal year 2012-2013 budget.

The council will also discuss a grant application for a zoning change request from the Sheldon Airport Commission.  At the present time there are no city or county zoning ordinances which would prevent incompatible land use or tall structures adjacent to the airport.  The application states that a zoning ordinance will protect the public investment in airport infrastructure and will ensure the airport is able to meet the aviation needs of businesses and citizens.

The next City Council topic will be the second reading of an amendment to the cemetery ordinance.  This change in the ordinance would allow upright markers in the entire cemetery including the area where only markers flush with the ground surface are now allowed.   The council could pass this on to a third reading to give the public more time to respond to the proposal.

In other business the council will consider a resolution directing the acceptance of a proposed purchase of five million, three hundred-fifty thousand dollars in general obligation capital loan notes.  And they will set the date and time for a public hearing on the downtown infrastructure project.  This will be held to consider plans and specification as well as the awarding of contracts.

As a final agenda item they will discuss the sounding of the outdoor warning system each day at 6 p.m.  Council member Brad Hindt has asked that this be brought up for discussion as a result of several citizens questioning the necessity for the sirens each day at this time.

Wednesday’s Council meeting will begin at 4:30 in the upper level of the Sheldon Community Services Center.


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