Sheldon City Council to Hold Hearings on Budget, Trilogy Project and Urban Renewal Plan


The Sheldon City Council will hold three public hearings when they meet in regular session this Wednesday, February 20th.

The first hearing will be on the budget estimate for the fiscal year 2013-2014.  This will be held immediately after the consent agenda which will be the first order of business. After the budget hearing they will hold a public hearing on the amended and restated Sheldon Urban Renewal Plan.  This document does not include any changes in the Urban Renewal District.  The hearing is in compliance with new State Legislation which is designed to provide more transparency with Urban Renewal plans.  This includes a list of current projects partially funded by Tax Increment Financing, as well as plans for projects in the future. The third public hearing will be on the re-plat of Trinity Village which is being developed as a residential area near Fieldcrest.  The council will also be asked to consider lot prices for this area and set the date and time for a Public Hearing.

The last item of business is discussion of the closeout payments on the previous Highway 18 project.  At their last council meeting they approved the payment of twenty one thousand dollars as the final approved payment , but negotiations continue on $26,400 in liquidated damages due to work and expenses occurred beyond the completion date.

The Sheldon Downtown Infrastructure Project will not be on the agenda for this meeting, because the engineer needs more time to work out details  including those discussed at the previous meeting.

Wednesday’s meeting begins at 4:30 in the upper level of the Sheldon Community Services Center.




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