Sheldon City Tree Pickup Near End — Water Restrictions Continue

Sheldon, Iowa — storm tree branch down cleanupThe Sheldon City crews are in the last stages of their tree limb pickup around the city.

Last week Public Works Director Todd Uhl told the city council the city trucks had already hauled over five hundred loads to the tree dump.  They are now going around the city for the second time.  He advised residents that after the trucks had gone past their homes for the second time they will not be back to pick up more.

Uhl also brought the council up to date on the ground reservoir repair project at the water plant.  This one million gallon unit has been leaking and repair crews will need about 21 working days with ideal weather to finish the project.  And he reported that he is doing some preliminary work with the FAA in connection with the city’s plans to build an additional water tower in the eastern part of Sheldon within a few years.  This Agency must approve the location to be sure it does not interfere with flight paths used by planes taking off or landing at the Sheldon Airport.

And, Uhl tells KIWA that he sees no improvement in the level of water in the Sheldon shallow wells.  Therefore, the Water Watch for the city continues, restricting all non-essential water uses.

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