Sheldon Council Approves Preliminary Resolution For Downtown Infrastructure Project

Date posted - March 6, 2013

Sheldon smallAt their Wednesday meeting the Sheldon City Council discussed the covenants for the new Trilogy Residential Development.  The proposed covenants were similar to those in place for the Schemper addition.   But the council made a few changes.  One of those was the requirement that twenty percent of the front of each residence must be brick.  This is similar to the covenants in place for twenty-second and twenty-third  avenues. The proposed covenant did not allow dog runs or animal cages outside of the dwelling, but the council changed that allowing a fenced-in area of no more than fifty square feet if it was attached to the garage.  These changes and others will be acted on by the council in their final form at the next council meeting March 20th.

The council also approved a proposal from Ron Rensink that the city install sidewalks in the entire addition as part of the construction phase and add the cost to the price of the lots.  A public hearing will be held to approve the plans and specs and awarding of the contract for the project on April 3rd.

The Council also set March 20th as the date for a public hearing on the ground storage reservoir on the water treatment plant.  This reservoir holds a million gallons of treated water, but needs major repairs to keep it from leaking.

And, they voted to approve a preliminary resolution for the construction of the Sheldon downtown infrastructure project.  The actual details of the plan will be presented to the council at their next meeting for  discussion and action.

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One Response to “Sheldon Council Approves Preliminary Resolution For Downtown Infrastructure Project”

  1. Meets says:

    Question about this article why would you put sidewalks in during the construction phase and charge those walks to the price of the lots for the future homeowner? If this is so, why would you want this? Why you may ask well let’s see here I buy the lot, call in a digger, trucks, cement, etc. what happens to that 4 inch sidewalk? Also who is going this work? City crews? Are they worth x per sq ft? Call in blow joe concrete guy? Who says what is fair? Wonder if I build houses I can certainly pour my own sidewalk far cheaper than what I may be assessed for. Please clarify?