Sheldon Council Furthers Discussion on Crossroads Community Park Development and Streetscape

SheldonSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council furthered their discussion on two major projects at their Wednesday meeting.

With reference to the downtown infrastructure project, the council was told that the engineering firm didn’t have all the information ready that they had requested, but this will be available for the January 16th meeting.  However, the council decided to select the type of financing which would be used if the project becomes a reality. One of those would be the use of essential corporate urban renewal bonds which would be subject to a possible reverse referendum. The other method would be to treat the infrastructure as General Obligation/Essential Corporate, which would require a public hearing. Council member Dave Popkes spoke in favor of the second option, expressing the opinion that the reverse referendum with the first method could be used mainly as a delaying tactic. His motion passed with all members voting in favor. It was emphasized that this was only a vote on the type of financing the council would use, and was not a vote on the final plan.

The other major project discussed at the meeting was the Sheldon Crossing Community Park Development. The proposed development would consist of 57 single-family lots,  three multi-family units, a commercial area, a 1.5-acre area for commercial use and 5.9 acres of park area. This would be located just east of the homes on Country Club Road extending to the east as far as the existing round-about located near the Holiday Inn Express. The total cost of the development which would include sanitary sewer, water mains, storm sewer, earthwork and paving is estimated at 2.64 million dollars.  The engineering firm suggested that the work could be done in three phases, but council members favored doing it all as one project if possible.

City Manager Scott Wynja presented the council with a breakdown of the City’s debt figures showing that if the city borrowed money for both the Sheldon Crossing project and Downtown Infrastructure project they would still be more than twenty-five percent below the City’s total bonding capacity.  It was the consensus of the council that they should move forward with planning and zoning for the area, and include the project in the upcoming budget discussions.

They also discussed further development of the barrow pit area.  The City Manager was asked to proceed with arrangements for the city to acquire ownership of the barrow pit since this will be a key to the rest of the park development in that area.

See the proposed plat for the Sheldon Crossing Development by clicking here.

To see the design drawings for the Downtown Infrastructure Project, click here.

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