Sheldon Council Presented With 5-Year Plan

Sheldon, Iowa — Every year about this time, the City of Sheldon gets information from all their Departments to help update the City’s five year plan. This plan was presented to the City Council at Wednesday’s meeting. It was stressed that nothing in the plan is set in stone….it is just a kind of ‘wish list’ looking ahead to the needs of the City, and something to consider at budget time.

Some of the larger dollar amounts are listed under the Airport Department, with $3.6-million for runway and taxilane work and $130-thousand for taxiway and apron pavement maintenance for fiscal year 2019. For Fiscal Year 2023 the airport has listed $2-million for a parallel taxiway. It should be noted that work at the airport is always subject to whether or not the City can get federal funding to cover most of the cost.

For Economic Development, the city is looking ahead to fiscal year 2021, with $500-thousand for the possible purchase of residential ground. In the following fiscal year they have listed another $500-thousand to possibly purchase ground for light industrial development, and in the 2023 fiscal year $700-thousand for the possible purchase of the RiseFest grounds.

The Fire Department has planned $555-thousand to replace their mainline pumper in the coming fiscal year, and another $300-thousand in fiscal year 2022 to pay for a live fire training facility. The Police Department is planning a new vehicle purchase for $90-thousand in the coming Fiscal Year, with the next new vehicle purchase in Fiscal Year 2023 for $100-thousand.

Under the Road Use Department they have listed $175-thousand to $250-thousand each year for asphalt overlay, plus plans to replace Oak Street at a cost of $1-million in Fiscal Year 2022. The only major expense the Ambulance Team is planning is $200-thousand in the coming Fiscal Year for a new ambulance.

The Waste Water Department is planning to spend $135-thousand on sewer work on South 9th Avenue, 4th Street, and Washington Avenue. The Water Department is planning to spend $230-thousand for the Park Hill Water Main replacement in the coming Fiscal year. In Fiscal Year 2020 they would like to construct the City’s Second Water Tower. The tower along with the accompanying upgrades and extensions would cost about $2.25-million.

Again, this list is a wish list from each of the City’s departments, laying out what they’d like to see in the next five years.

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