Sheldon Council Reviews Sports Complex Plans

Sheldon, Iowa — When the Sheldon City Council met Tuesday they had a chance to see the engineer’s plan and cost estimates for the proposed new sports complex along Highway 18 near the high school and middle school. The west end of the complex will have two practice fields that could be used for football and other sports. Another football practice field will be located on the east end of the project. There will be three ball diamonds in between. Two of them will be Little-League-sized softball fields, and the other a baseball practice field of the size used for middle school. Bleachers would be provided for the ball diamonds, and there would be a building to house rest rooms and concessions.

The engineer’s original cost estimate totaled $1.4 million dollars, however City Manager Scott Wynja told the council that with NCC doing some of the earthwork and the elimination of an irrigation system the cost could be brought down to 964 thousand dollars. But, Wynja said he felt that irrigation would be important to keep the fields in good condition. He pointed out that a dry year like we experienced this summer can destroy the grass.

In other business, the council heard from John Locke who owns the building at the corner of Third Avenue and Ninth Street downtown Sheldon. Locke wanted to know what benefits could be expected from the Streetscape project. Locke said that he noticed that 75 percent of the parking places were full Tuesday without the addition of “fancy bushes or trees”. He told the council that they had never been contacted by anyone from the Streetscape committee. However, Heidi Brown told the council that three public meetings had been held and all property owners were sent letters giving them an opportunity to meet with the engineers about the project. The council also heard from representatives of Children’s World asking that their organization be included in the City Budget. We’ll have more information about the reasons for their request on future newscasts.

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