Sheldon Council Sets Hearing On Runger’s 4th Addition For August 13th

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council has scheduled discussion on their Goal Setting Action Plan for the next city councilregular meeting, which is scheduled for August 20th at 4:30 pm.

At Wednesday’s meeting, City Manager Scott Wynja presented the council with a suggested Action Plan based on the goals they had set in February. The plan listed several proposed projects which are already planned or completed, including completion of the water tower rehab, the deep well project, downtown infrastructure, Sheldon Crossing Development and the Trilogy Village project.  It also listed continuing projects such as the economic development program, airport improvements and the search for an alternate water source. Also included were new priority projects including a code of ordinances review, adoption of building codes and evaluation of alternative methods of oversight of the Police Department.  Wynja invited council members to study these projects as well as other items brought up in the goal setting session and respond to him with comments.  It was the consensus of the Council to bring this back for full discussion at the next council meeting.

The council also responded to the second reading of the new zoning ordinance for the airport area.  Wynja reported that he had taken this to the O’Brien County Supervisors, but because O’Brien County isn’t zoned, some minor changes in the wording had to be made.  The next step will be to take the proposal to the Sioux County Supervisors. With this in mind the Council voted to delay the third reading of the ordinance until a later date.

In other action, the Sheldon City Council set a special meeting for August 13th at noon, to hold a public hearing on the Runger’s 4th Addition project. This hearing had to be rescheduled because the original public notice had not been published in the newspaper as planned.

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