Sheldon Council Votes To Terminate Farmland Lease

Date posted - May 6, 2013

New-Sheldon-SignSheldon, IA — The Sheldon City Council voted to terminate the lease of farmland east of the City Cemetery at a special meeting Monday noon.

The City had originally entered into an agreement with Shane Kleinwolterink to lease the ground for 2 years.  Kleinwolterink had intended to plant corn on the land with plans to rehabilitate the soil to be replanted in alfalfa in future years, as it has been in the past.  After those plans were announced, neighbors to the property brought concerns to the City about chemical spraying, and the potential mess to their properties at harvest time.

After three prior motions failed to pass, Councilman Greg Geels made a motion to terminate the current lease, and attempt to negotiate a new lease that would call for the planting of soybeans this year, instead of corn.  After much discussion, the motion passed by a 4-1 margin.

Kleinwolterink agreed to meet with representatives of the neighboring property owners to make sure their concerns are addressed, before presenting a new lease proposal to the City.

Mayor Tricia Meendering said that, after the new lease proposal is received, the city will schedule another special council meeting, in a timely manner, to deal with the new lease proposal.

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9 Responses to “Sheldon Council Votes To Terminate Farmland Lease”

  1. WhyFussSoMuch says:

    Last I knew they used those “yucky” chemicals on soybeans also. Seams like they were more worried about the corn leftovers in their yards, while the trees drop leaves.

    • who's right? who's wrong? says:

      Get rid of one farmer…and bring in another….That’ll FIX the problem????
      The City Council solved another major crisis. Perhaps you should let the downtown business owners farm it to help pay for the “bumpouts” that they got shuck for???

  2. anonymous says:

    Amen to that response. Some people just don’t get it. These same people pry use chemicals on their lawns. I agree they just don’t want to clean up corn stalks.

  3. Reality says:

    Who has a crop field right in the middle of a residential neighborhood anyway? Might be a nice place for some new baseball or soccer fields. Just sayn’.

  4. Reality says:

    It’s called progress. Times change. Zoning changes. I’m just sayn that maybe now that it’s been brought up, maybe it’s a good time to look at options.

  5. Rainbow says:

    Sheldon Council Votes To Terminate Farmland Lease, This community relies on farming to function. It also is really strange that southeast side of town, has attitude of California, other areas of the city of Sheldon also have farm land on the outlaying areas what is your attitude Sheldon Council on the rest of the City of Sheldon having a farming mess? I too have corn husks in the yard in the fall, as well as bean stems, it depends on what is planted. I always assumed that farming is part of our community and we always need to support it, without farming income much of Sheldon would cease to exist. We are in the mid west- not Beverly Hills, Ca. Funny how many Sheldon council members and their friend, live on the SE side of town. Notice bias influence?

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