Sheldon Dental Office Staff To Make Mission Trip To Haiti

Sheldon, Iowa — Dr. Chad Brown is planning another trip to Haiti. The Sheldon dentist was there on January 12, 2010, when the 7.0 earthquake hit. He helped out in whatever way he could.

This time, they’ll be taking 10 people down on November 3rd. Dr. Brown says the trip is similar, but he says instead of going with a mixed medical team like he did in 2010, the team will be a little different.

Dr. Brown tells us about what they plan to do.

Brown says the sealant is a resin-type material that has been used for several years in the United States when permanent molars come in. He says the effort is a preventative one, both for US children and those he plans to treat in Haiti.

He says the group going down will include his entire office, plus a hygienist from Sioux Falls, one from the Atlantic area, and a dentist from Tennessee.

Dr. Brown says they have been back one time since the earthquake, in January of this year, and he says recovery is coming along nicely.

Brown says not everything is back to normal, there are some areas in Port Au Prince where there are demolished or partially demolished buildings. Plus, he says many of the people were living in cobbled-together shelters to begin with, and those were pretty easily fixed, because the Haitians are very resourceful.

Dr. Brown says Mission to Haiti is always looking for donations and volunteers.

He says you can drop off donations at his office or send them to Mission to Haiti. You can volunteer by calling Mission to Haiti — or you can call him for more information.

To hear the whole interview with Dr. Chad Brown, click on the play button (triangle) below:

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