Sheldon Gets Two New Outdoor Warning Sirens

Sheldon, Iowa — A grant has helped the City of Sheldon warn its citizens in the case of an emergency. The City of Sheldon recently installed two new outdoor warning sirens — commonly called tornado sirens, although they can be used to warn of other situations as well.

We talked to Sheldon Public Works director Todd Uhl, who tells us where the new sirens are located.

Uhl tells us why the new sirens were installed.

He says during their research into what kind of sirens they would need, they found out that there was a grant available to help with these type of sirens.

Uhl says that the new sirens were tested during a siren test on Tuesday (12/11), and all went well. All six of the city’s sirens worked fine, as did the siren at Northwest Iowa Community College — which is actually owned by NCC, but set to go off when Sheldon’s city sirens are activated.

He also says that the existing sirens received an upgrade to narrowband receiver technology, as all public safety transmitters need to be narrowband by 2013 according to the Federal Communications Commission.

Uhl says the savings to the City were significant because they were eligible for the grant.

Uhl says all Sheldon sirens should work, even in a power outage. The four existing sirens are powered only by batteries, and the two new ones work normally with power from the AC power mains, but also have battery back-up.

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