Sheldon High School NHS Sponsoring “Penny Drive” For Red Cross

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Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon High School National Honor Society is sponsoring a Penny Drive for the Red Cross. Mrs. Prewitt at Sheldon High says Bob Kirschbaum, the Chapter Support Officer with the Red Cross out of Sioux City talked to her about the possibility of a penny drive.

She says the classes are in competition with each other. She says pennies are worth one point, and dollars are worth 100 points. But you can make it harder for another team to win by putting silver-colored coins or $5 bills in their bucket — as these subtract their value from the point total.

She says the class with the most points is the winner. The winning teacher gets to throw a pie in the faces of the losing teachers.

Prewitt says the community is invited to get into the act as well on Friday night.

The hero teachers are Kent De Zeeuw, Eric Maassen, Ben Peake, and Julie Blythe, and each have picked a super hero identity for the contest.

The wrap-up and pie-throwing will be Monday, February 4th at the end of the day.

You can find the buckets near the concession stand at this Friday night’s Sheldon basketball games.

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