Sheldon High Students Empowered Through “Rachel’s Challenge” Presentation

Sheldon, Iowa — On Monday Sheldon High School and Middle School students witnessed a presentation from a representative of Rachel’s Challenge Team that left students shocked, emotional and empowered. It was the story of a young girl that has touched millions. Rachel Scott was the first victim killed in the Columbine High School massacre in 1999. But her dream is being realized several years after her death. Called “Rachel’s Challenge”, Monday’s presentation was a powerful reminder to Sheldon students of the little things we can do every day to make our world a positive, nurturing place.

Sheldon students, in complete silence, listened to the panicked 911 phone calls, watched the national news clips and then listened to the impact one student Rachel Scott has had on millions. The focus of Rachel’s Challenge isn’t on the shootings but on the importance of acceptance, kindness and forgiveness with specific examples from Scott’s young life. The presentation wrapped up by challenging the audience to sign a banner signifying their acceptance of the challenge to practice these virtues in their own lives.

A far less emotional or graphic Rachel’s Challenge assembly was presented to East Elementary students Tuesday morning.

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