Sheldon Library Gets New Computers

Sheldon, Iowa — Thanks to two grants, the Sheldon Public Library has nine new computers for patrons to use.
Sheldon Library Computers
We had a chance to find out more from Library Board of Trustees member Jessica Brink. She says the computers replaced several much older units.

She says of course the computers can surf the web, but they have an extra benefit as well.

In addition, she says the library continues to offer wifi as well if you want to use your own laptop or handheld device, such as an iPad, netbook, Nook, or Kindle.

She tells us about the grants that they received from the O’Brien County Community Foundation and the Sheldon Library Foundation.

Brink invites everyone down to see the new computers. She says while you are there you might find some great books and check out some of the other services they offer, including Story Time. She says it’s also a great place to meet new people in the community.

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