Sheldon Looking Ahead to 2014 Street Improvements

The City of Sheldon is looking ahead to possible street improvement in 2014.  At last week’s meeting of the City Council, Public Works Director Todd Uhl reported that he wanted to get a preliminary idea of what it would take to improve several street sections near the downtown area.  This would be 8th Street from 2nd Avenue to 4th Avenue,  10th street from 4th Avenue to 5th Avenue,  11th Street from 2nd Avenue to 4th Avenue,   3rd Avenue from 10th Street to 11th Street,  4th Avenue from 8th Street to 11th Street, and  5th Avenue from 9th Street to 10th Street.

Uhl asked the council to approve the hiring of DGR Engineering of Rock Rapids to perform tests and other research.  Uhl said this would be necessary to determine how much work and material it would take for each section of the project.  Wherever feasible the City would opt for rehabilitation of the streets and not full reconstruction.

The council approved the agreement for the tests and study which will be done at an estimated cost of $4,700.00

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