Sheldon Man To Receive Rare National DAR Award

Sheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon man who has been instrumental in the effort to bring the Baker Township School to Sheldon is receiving a rare award from the Daughters Of The American Revolution.
Baker Twp School
That organization’s Colleen Cleveringa Lemkuil used to live on the farm where the Baker Township School was located. She tells us there’s a ceremony planned for Prairie Arts Council President Hal Tuttle on Tuesday, August 23rd at 1:30 PM at the Prairie Arts Historical Park on Highway 18 in Sheldon. She tells us that it’s a rare award.

She gives us an idea of what you can expect at the ceremony if you go on Tuesday.

Lemkuil also tells us about the grants that the Baker Township School project has received since they started the effort to bring it to Sheldon and renovate it to it’s original 1930’s condition.

Lemkuil says they also got a grant from the O’Brien County Community Foundation for the basement windows. She says they are also having a Pampered Chef Party on August 27th, with proceeds going toward the basement.

For more information or to schedule tours of the two houses and four schoolhouses at the Prairie Arts Historical Park, you can call Hal Tuttle at 712-324-4190.

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